Would you like to tell your life story? It’s your turn to be heard.


Dr. Tracy McDonough and Dr. Lynda Crane are interested in your life story. What would you most like others to know about you? If you would like to participate in an oral history project about people who have struggled with schizophrenia, please call (513) 244-4210 or email us at tracy@schizophreniaoralhistories.com.

Some life stories from our participants have been shared in presentations. Here are some of the audience responses:

“Each narrator shared things that touched me deeply.”
“My thanks to all who contributed. I honor you all.”
“Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are all brave and generous.”
“Listening to their voices and stories brought me joy.”

You can talk one-on-one with Tracy or Lynda, and if you decide to participate, your story will be audio-taped. If you would like to include your picture you may, but that isn’t necessary.